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Monthly Archives: January 2005

Clint Eastwood and ‘opportunism’

Published: January 28, 2005

“I think it’s opportunism.”

Clint Eastwood, talking to the Los Angeles Times’s Chris Lee, was referring to the National Spinal Cord Injury Association’s statement that his Million Dollar Baby “is saying ‘death is better than Disability.’ ” We’d provide a link to Lee’s story, but it’s in the current — 1/28/05 — L. A. Times Calendar section and that’s available online only to subscribers. We can’t access it.

Device Shows Promise for Spinal Cord Injury

Published: January 22, 2005

SATURDAY, Jan. 22 (HealthDayNews) — A experimental device designed to regenerate nerve fibers in people with spinal cord injuries shows promise, says an Indiana University School of Medicine study in the January issue of the Journal of Neurosurgery.

The oscillating field stimulator (OFS) creates an electrical field in the area of damaged nerves. It was developed at Purdue University.

Stem-Cell Research Underway at UCI

Published: January 10, 2005

Hans Stegmann Keirstead, assistant professor and researcher at the Reeve-Irvine Research Center, is revolutionizing medical science through work which prevents rats from suffering degenerative paralyzing effects after spinal cord injuries. Through the use of stem cells, his work may pave the way to finding a cure for paralysis in patients with spinal cord injuries. Clinical tests are expected to begin shortly.

Book: Roll Models, by Richard Holicky

Published: January 2, 2005

rollmodels_book-1Why do some spinal cord injury survivors succeed after injury and others spiral into inactivity and depression? Richard Holicky, himself a survivor, profiles 53 people and comes up with answers.

“I thought life was pretty much over.” Paul Herman

“I was afraid people wouldn’t see me for who I still was.” Cathy Green

“I didn’t need this to be a better person.” Susan Douglas

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to live ‘this way.'” Kevin Wolitzky