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Monthly Archives: November 2008

A Will to Walk

Published: November 30, 2008

Accident victim determined not to spend life in wheelchair

ORANGE CITY — While some people stroll through life with ease, Joshuah Roy shuffles along inches at a time.

Each step is a battle, but one this Orange City man plans on winning. He’s determined not to spend the rest of his life looking at the world from a wheelchair.

Obama policy a lift for stem cell researchers

Published: November 29, 2008

Stem cell research advocates have waited nearly eight years for the policy change President-elect Barack Obama has signaled he’ll make in the early days of his administration: lifting the restrictions imposed by President Bush on federal funding for research on human embryonic stem cells.

Those limits, and earlier laws, have left stem cell labs hungering for support since the versatile human stem cells were first derived in 1998.

Such cells, often taken from extra embryos created by in vitro fertilization clinics, can morph into the specialized cells found in skin, nerves and many other tissues.

Will to Walk

Published: November 29, 2008

Joshuah Roy learns to walk again

Paralyzed athlete receives donation from a stranger

Published: November 27, 2008

Myron Wright
Myron Wright
THIBODAUX – As one of his last acts during a century-long life of charity and accomplishment, retired Houma attorney Elton Darsey ensured a better future for a paralyzed Thibodaux athlete he only recently met.

Darsey donated $40,000 this week to the Myron Wright Foundation, whose 22-year-old namesake suffered a spinal-cord injury while playing football for Thibodaux High in 2002.

Darsey died Wednesday morning of natural causes, his great-niece, Diane Baker, said.

Thankful for 50 more years

Published: November 27, 2008

Sharon Hovey
Sharon Hovey
Thrill-Seeker Has Led ‘Wonderfully Fulfilling Life’ Since Accident

VIENNA, Va. – At 67, Sharon Hovey says she is ready to settle down.

An Ashville native and self-described thrill-seeker, Ms. Hovey says she has lived her life on the edge – though bound to a wheelchair for the last 50 years by Quadriplegia.

Winning by a nose- promising news for spinal cord injury patients

Published: November 26, 2008

Cells from the human nose are showing further promise in remediating spinal cord injury, according to research from the University of New South Wales (UNSW).

Six weeks after injecting cells from the human nose (olfactory ensheathing glia) into the injured spinal cords of rats, the researchers found improvements in the animals’ movement.

“We found improvements in hind limb function of these animals,” said Dr Catherine Gorrie, from the Neural Injury Research Unit at UNSW. “They performed significantly better on locomotive tasks than those who didn’t have the injections.”

Spinal Cord Repair Researcher Nets $150,000 Award

Published: November 25, 2008

When they were 15, Tim O’Shea and his friend Ben Harvey were keen rugby players. But a week before his sixteenth birthday Ben was tackled during a game and his spinal cord was injured, rendering him a quadriplegic.

The tragedy has inspired Tim, a QUT biomedical engineering graduate, to go into spinal cord repair research – in a big way.

JP Price Shoots for Cure

Published: November 24, 2008

Local Snocross racer J.P. Price has chosen to lead a pledge fundraising program and will ride the Canadian SnoCross Race Association season opener event at Searchmont Resort on December 6-7th, 2008.

He challenges the residents, business owners, bingo halls and sports clubs to pledge for Shoot for a Cure in raising funds and awareness for Spinal Cure Research through the Canadian & American Spinal Research Organizations (CSRO/ASRO).

Everyday, we all take risks, whether it is motorsports, school sports, hockey, walking, biking or working. Please pledge today and help the CSRO/ASRO, who is dedicated to the improvement of the physical quality of life for persons with a spinal cord injury and those with related neurological deficits, through targeted medical and scientific research.

Kelly Brush Foundation Awards Ski Racing Safety Grants

Published: November 24, 2008

BURLINGTON, Vt., Nov. 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Just as ski resorts are opening for the season, the Kelly Brush Foundation kicked off its 2008/2009 Ski Racing Safety is No Accident Campaign with the announcement of over $20,000 in grants to ski racing clubs and programs across the country. The grants are part of a campaign to promote and improve ski racing safety.

Among the recipients are some of the most prestigious racing programs in the nation including the Mount Mansfield Ski Club at Stowe Mountain Resort in Vermont and the Aspen Valley Ski Club at Aspen in Colorado. Each club won a $10,000 grant earmarked for enhancing safety on the trails where their young racers train and race.

Nose cells may heal spine

Published: November 21, 2008

People paralysed by spinal cord injuries could soon be “repaired” using cells from their own noses, say Otago University researchers.

The Health Ministry’s ethics committee has just approved an application by the Spinal Cord Society to open the way for a clinical trial involving 12 patients, which could start next year.

The society’s president, Noela Vallis, said there was no shortage of volunteers ready to take part.