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Medicare’s no match for catastrophic injury

Published: November 11, 2011

It is as simple as this: One Sunday in September, Tracy Dort-Kyne flipped over the handlebars of her bike, and woke up a quadriplegic. She was 41, between jobs in the finance industry, and a single mom with three young boys. Once she is out of rehab, she will need a home renovated for a wheelchair, a handicapped-accessible van and round-the-clock care, likely for the rest of her life, to make sure, among other risks, that she doesn’t choke to death while no one is watching. Over the course of her life, that could cost as much as $10-million.

Through the health-care system, though, she may not receive much more than a daily bath. She was job hunting when she had the accident, so she had no insurance through work. She’s divorced, so she has no spousal benefits. She had life insurance, but hadn’t thought of private disability coverage. Yet, in a few months, she’ll be wheeled to the door of the Lyndhurst rehab centre, placed in her family’s care and left, essentially, to find her own way.

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