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Service Monkeys Give a Helping Hand to People With Quadriplegia

Published: October 24, 2018 | Spinal Cord Injury:

It’s not easy to make friends with a capuchin monkey. They’re willful, mischievous and, if they take it into their heads, can break any breakable you’ve got in the house—no small feat for an animal that’s only about two feet tall and weighs just seven pounds.

But if you do click with a capuchin, something deep and sweet can happen. That’s especially so with the monkeys of Helping Hands, in Boston, that spend much of their lives working with people with paraplegia and quadriplegia who need the daily assistance of a full-time aide to fetch objects, turn switches, open bottles and more, and will do the job for love, care and and the occasional lick of peanut butter—or hummus if that is more to their liking.

Helping Hands: Capuchin Monkeys Help Immobilized Individuals

Published: March 16, 2012

You’ve heard of guide dogs and therapy horses, but have you heard of monkey helpers?

“I didn’t have much of a life before Sophie,” says wheelchair-bound Judy. Sophie is a capuchin monkey trained at Helping Hands Monkey Helpers for the Disabled in Boston. “When I come into the room, she makes a fuss over me, and I love that. How have I lived so long without a monkey?” says Judy. “Sophie changed my life.”

Helping Hands has been providing capuchin monkey helpers to quadriplegics and others with severe mobility issues due to injury or illness for more than 30 years. Helping Hands is the only organization in the world that raises and trains monkeys to be human companions. The monkeys provide daily in-home assistance to their wheelchair bound recipients and help them lead independent lives. They also give hope through their companionship.

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