Sunday, September 19, 2021


REACT: Spinal Cord Injury Recovery

REACT's Neuro-Restorative program is for those seeking a comprehensive recovery through customized, one-on-one neuromuscular training. REACT is committed to providing a comprehensive activity-based restorative therapies...

Spinal cord injury patients say “I willl walk again!”

They are devastating injuries. A fall, a sports accident and suddenly, your spinal cord is damaged. It happens 300,000 times a year in this country. Some people give up, but many are fighting back. After a car wreck, Kendell Hall heard from her doctors that she would never walk again. They didn’t know Kendall very well. Kendall lives independently, even owns and operates REACT Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center. That’s a restorative and non-profit gym for people living with spinal cord injuries.