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Stem cell therapy touches another milestone in spinal cord injury

Published: July 6, 2009

sw_stairsStem cell has been a boon to the modern medical research, and it has been creating success stories almost everyday. The research regarding stem cell therapy creates another success story again in treating spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injuries causes myelopathy or damage to white matter or myelinated fiber tracts that carry signals to and from the brain. It also damages gray matter in the central part of the spine, causing segmental losses of interneurons and motorneurons.

Spinal Cord Injury Patient Pins Hopes On Stem Cell Therapy

Published: July 5, 2009

A 34 year old Bangladeshi electronic hardware engineer, resident in the Middle East, who is a paraplegic after tumor surgery, travelled to Bangkok in the hope of regaining some sensation and control.

In July 2006 M.H. aged 34 experienced an unpleasant burning sensation in both legs. He lost the ability to walk and rapidly lost bladder and bowel control. After investigations he was diagnosed as having an operable tumor on his spinal cord.

Chicago Based Reproductive Genetics Institute maintain world’s leading supply of Stem Cell Lines

Published: June 5, 2009

(Chicago, IL) In an unimposing brick building located in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, lives a repository of information that could lead to the cures for Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, spinal cord injury and a host of other diseases.

In early March, when President Obama cleared the way for federally funded stem cell research, he also may have launched Chicago as the world’s top supplier of valuable stem cell lines.

Meeting with Congress

Published: March 23, 2009

UCI scientist will visit Capitol Hill to share plans he has with other researchers regarding stem-cell treatments.

A leading neuroscientist and co-director of UCI’s stem cell research center will meet with members of Congress today and explain what he and his team will do when they conduct the first human trials of stem-cell therapy in the country later this year, university officials said.

Hans Keirstead, co-director of the Sue and Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center and faculty member at the Reeve-Irvine Research Center, will meet with members of Congress and their aides to explain how he plans to implement his success spinal-cord injury therapy to humans.