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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Whatever happened to: Travis Roy

Published: February 9, 2009

travis-royEleven seconds was all it took to change Travis Roy’s life.

As a freshman at Boston University in 1995, Roy lived his dream of playing hockey for the Terriers, earning a full scholarship after playing two seasons at Tabor Academy in Marion. His dream was quickly shattered when he crashed head first into the boards during his first collegiate game, leaving him a quadriplegic.

“First year, first game, first shift,” said Roy via phone from his home in Boston recently. “My career lasted 11 seconds.”

Mother of paralyzed daugher pleads to pass the ‘Booster’ bill

Published: February 4, 2009

Lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday from the mother of an eight-year-old girl who now must use a wheelchair.

The Moorhead girl suffered severe spinal cord injuries in a car crash last summer. She wasn’t using a child restraint when her grandmother lost control and hit a tree.

Dixie Duncan says a booster seat would have prevented her daughter’s injuries.

Putting a face on the stem cell argument

Published: February 3, 2009

SOMETIME SOON, perhaps even this week, President Barack Obama is expected to lift federal regulations on the use of embryonic stem cells in medical research.

With recently awarded FDA approval, a California biotech firm sits poised to begin the world’s first human trial that will involve injecting embryonic stem cells into the spinal cords of people who are paralyzed.

Stationary bike helps spinal cord injury sufferers

Published: February 3, 2009

People who have suffered spinal cord injuries are at higher risk for obesity than those who haven’t.

Because they’re often confined to a wheelchair, the paralyzed have a hard time exercising at a rate fast enough to burn excess calories.

That isn’t the only reason they struggle to keep weight off. After injury to the spinal cord, individuals usually have a slower metabolic rate or a slower speed at which they burn calories.

Paralysis from injury doesn’t hamper Lantzy

Published: February 2, 2009

515710ST. BENEDICT – Ken Lantzy believes in making the best of situations and follows his own advice.

When a high school football injury caused permanent quadriplegia for him decades ago, Lantzy’s positive attitude became an unfaltering beacon of inspiration to his family, friends, community and scores of area youth.