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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Judge says handicapped Manville man can get gun permit

Published: November 10, 2009

capjpg-f3121dc43d90a9dc_largeThere is “no reason” James Cap, a quadriplegic who is physically unable to hold a gun or pull a trigger, should be denied a firearms ID card — a requirement for the purchase of any gun in New Jersey, a judge in Somerville said today.

“I hope you enjoy the use of your firearm,” Superior Court Judge John Pursel said before signing an order that will allow Cap to get a permit as long as any guns he buys are stored in a safe and only qualified people assist him with the weapons.

2009 Holiday Gift Guide for People in Wheelchairs

Published: November 10, 2009

WheelchairPalsHippo_200x200Don’t be intimidated when shopping for a gift for someone in a wheelchair this holiday season. We gathered some top-notch ideas from wheelchair users and scoured all types of manufactures for their best bets.

We found 26 gifts in 8 categories from a wheelchair fishing pole to Wheelchair Pals (the hippo is pictured).

Tackling Paraplegia

Published: November 10, 2009

Reconstructing the neuronal circuitry of a damaged spine looks like a much closer goal now.

Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy Restores Walking Ability In Rats With Neck Injuries

Published: November 10, 2009

091109121345bThe first human embryonic stem cell treatment approved by the FDA for human testing has been shown to restore limb function in rats with neck spinal cord injuries — a finding that could expand the clinical trial to include people with cervical damage.

In January, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration gave Geron Corp. of Menlo Park, Calif., permission to test the UC Irvine treatment in individuals with thoracic spinal cord injuries, which occur below the neck. However, trying it in those with cervical damage wasn’t approved because preclinical testing with rats hadn’t been completed.

Hans Keirstead: Stem Cells Restore Mobility in Neck-Injured Rats (UC Irvine)

Published: November 9, 2009

UCI’s Hans Keirstead discusses how embryonic stem cell therapy restores walking ability in rats with neck injuries. Video by Kerrin Piche Serna, University Communications.

New approach to prevent spinal cord damage

Published: November 8, 2009

Washington, Nov 8(ANI): Scientists from Weill Cornell Medical College have suggested a new approach to prevent paralysis following a spinal cord injury.

They believe that permanent nerve damage may be avoided by raising levels of a compound that converts to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) – the active form of vitamin B3.

The compound would potentially be administered immediately following spinal cord injury.

Son’s diving accident leads to family business

Published: November 8, 2009

Kinnelon couple founds clinic to help spinal-cord injury victims

When Darren Templeton walks again, his family is going to be right behind him.

His parents, Cynthia and John Templeton of Kinnelon, founded Push to Walk, a nonprofit spinal-cord injury exercise and recovery center, almost three years ago, to help him recover. Darren Templeton fractured his C-5 vertebrae diving off a boat into the bay at Long Beach Island on July 23, 2004.

Spinal injury patients get aggressive therapy

Published: November 8, 2009

20091108Center in Southfield is building a niche

With clients coming from as far away as Switzerland, and others traveling two to four hours for workouts, Erica Nader’s Southfield rehabilitation company is building a niche as one of the few businesses of its kind in the nation that specializes in more aggressive rehabilitation therapies for people with spinal cord injuries.

Walk the Line to SCI Recovery, started in 2007, offers services not widely available in the United States or abroad that encourage weight-bearing activities, including standing upright and walking to improve the health of people with spinal cord injuries.

Undauntable spirit

Published: November 8, 2009

Despite a spinal cord injury that rendered her a quadriplegic, Melissa Nunn’s determination and optimism are an inspiration to everyone around her.

Melissa Nunn was a redheaded firecracker of a softball player who attacked the sport’s two most challenging positions – pitcher and third base – for William Tennent High School.

And she did it with the fervor of a weathered veteran, not a wavering 15-year-old rookie.

Scientists devise early treatment for spine injury

Published: November 8, 2009

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Injecting tiny polymer spheres into rats right after a spinal cord injury helped the animals recover movement and prevented secondary nerve damage that often follows such injuries, U.S. researchers said on Sunday.

The experimental treatment uses spheres called copolymer micelles that fuse with injured nerve fibers and prevent inflammation from doing more damage to surrounding nerves.