Zander Lee – Custom Physical Therapy Tables

Published: April 25, 2012  |  Source:

These tables were designed for injured people to stretch, roll and attain general well-being.

Many uses: physical therapy, massage, yoga, pilates, exercise, stretching and moreā€¦

These custom tables are beautifully hand-crafted and as a result become the focal point of any room.

There are endless design-choices available, including: height, width and length of table; species and finish of wood; density and color of foam top; and storage configuration. All of our tables come with wheels for easy movement.

My name is Zander Lee and I am paralyzed. I am also the owner of this company. There is not one day that goes by that I don’t use my table! These tables are proudly made in Maine by Maine craftsmen.

Zander Lee with his custom physical therapy table

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