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Quadriplegic working to get people with disabilities outdoors

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Mike HudsonThe word “can’t” is not in quadriplegic Mike Hudson’s vocabulary.

He’s on a mission to motivate the disabled to be more active outdoors and to travel, as well as educate others about ways to make that happen.

Hudson, 42, of Greenwood, recently founded R.O.A.R.Rediscovering Outdoor Activities and Recreation — a nonprofit organization that received its tax-exempt approval from the IRS in July. Organizers recently received paperwork making it official.

“There is nothing you cannot do from a wheelchair,” Hudson said. “God’s been laying this on my heart for a while.”

Hudson said R.O.A.R. is dedicated to “redefining limitations and empowering those with disabilities to see their God-given abilities through outdoor activities.”

When he started thinking in earnest about starting R.O.A.R., Hudson said his father-in-law, Floyd Parker, of Travelers Rest, told him to “dream big.”

“The sky’s the limit on this sort of stuff,” Hudson said, noting he is enlisting the help of volunteers along the way. With R.O.A.R., Hudson aims to educate the disabled and able-bodied about outdoor recreation and daily living activities, as well as consult with businesses and other entities about accommodating the disabled and disability etiquette. He also wants to introduce current and new innovative products that will help the disabled be more active outdoors.


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