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Luke Skywalker Inspires Real-Life Hero To Battle Muscular Dystrophy

Published: May 8, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injury:

Christopher Rush and Jerry Lewis, circa 1983 (Photo credit: Muscular Dystrophy Association )

A young boy, facing overwhelming odds with little hope of success, turns to a Jedi Master and “the Force” for guidance, and eventually inspires the world. This isn’t just the science fiction of Star Wars, but the reality of an inspiring young man named Christopher Rush.

Christopher was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at seven months, and his doctor told his parents that he “will be nothing more than a dishrag and will be dead by the age of two.” Despite the dire prognosis, as well as having to go through life as a quadriplegic, he was able to accomplish things most able-bodied people can only dream of.

As a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, Christopher empathized with the protagonist, Luke Skywalker, who used the mystical power of the Force to achieve the impossible. Christopher wasn’t able to move his limbs, but with the power of his mind and sheer willpower, he was able to move mountains and inspire millions.

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