Tuesday, April 20, 2021

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Autonomic dysreflexia in spinal cord injury

Autonomic dysreflexia often goes unrecognised in patients with spinal cord injury. Health professionals must be able to recognise when patients are at risk. A young patient with tetraplegia arrives in the emergency department with a severe headache, dilated pupils, beads of sweat on their forehead, chest pain, bradycardia and a blood pressure of 280/130. What do you think is happening? Recreational drug use? A hypertensive crisis with a renal, endocrine or neurological cause? Is your immediate response to carry out an electrocardiogram and blood tests? In fact, this life-threatening emergency could be caused by something as simple as a full bladder.

SCI-U | Healthy living starts here

SCI-U is a series of 10 multimedia courses about learning to live with spinal cord injury. The courses have been designed to give you the information you need to live a healthy, active life. They were developed by people who live with SCI, in collaboration with researchers and clinicians.

Think first to help prevent brain, spinal cord and other traumatic injuries

Billy Roussel is a risk taker. Always has been. So when he saw a platform high in a tree with a cable over the waters of Lake Bistineau while fishing with 12-year-old son Seth, he...

How to Play Blues Harmonica after a High Level Spinal Cord Injury

A few years ago Jeremy Olson discovered something that could dramatically improve the quality of life of many people. We already know that the harmonica is one of the most versatile, easy to play and affordable...

Cerebral Palsy Guide

Cerebral Palsy Guide - Your Guide to Cerebral Palsy Cerebral Palsy Guide provides free educational materials, financial options and emotional support for those affected by cerebral palsy. The people working behind the scenes on the Cerebral...

Jablonski Moving Forward, Three Years after Spinal Cord Injury

Jack Jablonski isn't letting a life-altering spinal cord injury get in the way of achieving his dreams. He's 19 years old now and just last month he started college at the University of Southern California.
Dan Horton quadriplegic teacher aide

Quadriplegic teacher aide a great role model

A MAN who became a quadriplegic after a motorbike accident is working as a teacher aide at Yarwun Primary School, and is one of the best, according to staff. Dan Horton took a break from...

Spinal Cord Lecture

http://youtu.be/nf0s_ZRijrI Spinal Cord Lecture by Samuel Hirt. Information about spinal cord anatomy, Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System.

Spinal Cord Injury Symptoms, Modern Research and Rehabitation

http://youtu.be/6rJ52RF-S7U This patient education program will hep you understand how spinal cord injuries are caused and their treatment options. This program will also give you some tips on how to prevent spinal cord injuries.

Spinal Cord Basics

http://youtu.be/FjIrHI4Om9k Some people have no idea as to what the spinal cord does and why we even have one. Let's take some time to discuss the basics behind the spinal cord and why it's so...