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United Spinal Presents Free Webinar On How to Get the Right Wheelchair

Published: March 22, 2016

United-Spinal-AssociationUnited Spinal Association will host a free webinar on March 31st at 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. EDT, on how to obtain a wheelchair that fits the unique needs of each person living with a spinal cord injury or disorder (SCI/D).

The webinar will be of value to both wheelchair users and clinicians. It will provide an update on the status of important wheelchair legislation and policies that affect people living with SCI/D.

Free Webinar: Rehab Solutions Functional Electrical Stimulation

Published: March 9, 2012

National Spinal Cord Injury Association Webinar Health Series

Join the National Spinal Cord Injury Association on March 13th for a Free Webinar on the emerging field of Neurotechnology to treat people living with paralysis.

Rehab Solutions: FES Technology and Paralysis
Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 – 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

Discover how functional electrical stimulation (FES) has helped thousands of people get through rehab faster, improve their mobility and reclaim their independence. The proven track record doesn’t lie. FES is the real deal.