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Free Webinar: Rehab Solutions Functional Electrical Stimulation

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National Spinal Cord Injury Association Webinar Health Series

Join the National Spinal Cord Injury Association on March 13th for a Free Webinar on the emerging field of Neurotechnology to treat people living with paralysis.

Rehab Solutions: FES Technology and Paralysis
Tuesday, Mar 13, 2012 – 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST

Discover how functional electrical stimulation (FES) has helped thousands of people get through rehab faster, improve their mobility and reclaim their independence. The proven track record doesn’t lie. FES is the real deal.

Sounds Good, But What’s FES?
FES sends small electrical pulses to paralyzed muscles to get them working again. It can be used to help someone exercise, breath, grasp, transfer, stand, walk, and even avoid pressure sores.

Is It Right For Me?
Here’s your chance to find out!

Learn the basics behind Neurotechnology. Get wired into the latest research findings and how they are making a difference for people recovering from spinal cord injuries, strokes and other neurological disorders.

Identify new rehabilitation and healthcare options that could open the door to a more healthy and active lifestyle. All the tools you need are right here.

Valuable resources will also be shared to assist medical professionals in enhancing clinical practice.

Presenter: Jennifer French, Executive Director; Neurotech Network & the Cleveland FES Center

Who Should Attend
People living with paralysis – Medical professionals – Researchers – Caregivers – Students

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