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Father fights for state support for paralysis research

Published: April 29, 2015 | Spinal Cord Injury:

Matthew Rodreick and his son, Gabe, work out in space dedicated to Gabe's physical therapy behind his Minneapolis home on Tuesday. "It's kind of a weird coincidence, but it's normal to me now," Gabe said about his injury. Both Gabe and his father have been campaigning for the last five years and believes it is "time for us to win something."

After an injury paralyzed his son, Matthew Rodreick has spent years advocating for funding to research spinal cord injuries.

Matthew Rodreick hasn’t cut or combed his hair in over six years.

After his son became paralyzed, Rodreick vowed not to maintain his hair until his son is out of his wheelchair. His long, gray dreadlocks now reach the lower part of his back.

Get Up Stand Up for a cure for SCI

Published: February 22, 2012

Get Up Stand Up…to raise money, raise awareness and raise the voices of the spinal cord injury community for a cure…so they can Get Up and Stay Up

Church helps injured teen on long road to recovery

Published: December 17, 2008

1datempls121708Gabe Rodreick, who suffered a spinal injury in Costa Rica, hopes to get back to a top rehab center.

Gabe Rodreick of south Minneapolis was on an exchange trip to Costa Rica in July when he suffered a severe spinal cord injury during a scuba diving excursion.

Upon waking in the nearest hospital, the 16-year-old learned he was unable to move his hands and legs. Not too long afterward, Gabe’s determination to regain his strength and hopefully walk and play the piano again kicked in. It hasn’t let up since then, said his mother, Carolyn Rodreick.

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