Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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‘The Quadfather’ has a message for techies — accessibility ‘should not be an add-on’

Todd Stabelfeldt is a pretty chill dude. He lives 90 minutes from Seattle by ferry, in a home with his wife and occasionally two...

Christopher Hills: My Journey with Education and Technology

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-2e093A_LY This is a video Christopher Hills made as part of a presentation he gave to Alberta Education. www.switchedonvideoediting.com.au Follow Christopher Hills on Twitter: twitter.com/iAmMaccing

The iPhone setting that changed this man’s life

Todd Stabelfeldt is sending his wife a romantic text. He taps his chin on a button mounted on his wheelchair, then grins, pleased with his wooing. A quadriplegic since he was 8, Stabelfeldt can't move anything below his neck. Now a 36-year-old engineer and business owner, he's turned his wheelchair into a powerful mobile communication hub using switches, a Bluetooth headset and an iPhone 6.

Christopher Hills: iOS Switch Control Overview

An overview of three ways Switch Control can work to suit different needs.