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Adjustment After SCI: Facts Vs. Myths

Published: October 3, 2003

No one is happy about sustaining a spinal cord injury, and few who have experienced it will tell you it wasn’t a traumatic event in their lives. But doctors and medical staff are going too far when they expect every newly injured patient to become depressed, or to progress through specific stages of grief similar to those described by Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, MD, in her famous book, “On Death and Dying” (MacMillan, 1969).

Laserpuncture is a New Treatment for SCI?

Published: July 11, 2002


Laurance Johnston, Ph.D. Laserpuncture is generating much attention in France and other parts of Europe as an alternative medicine treatment for spinal cord injury (SCI) and related physical disabilities. As the name implies, laserpuncture combines elements of acupuncture and laser therapy, both of which have shown potential for restoring some function after SCI. Albert Bohbot, a charismatic health professional, developed laserpuncture. Early in his career, he became interested in acupuncture’s potential for treating a variety of disorders. With the assistance of scientists at one of France’s leading engineering colleges, Bohbot developed a sophisticated electronic instrument that substituted an infrared laser light beam for acupuncture needles.

Benefit for paralyzed snowboarder takes off

Published: April 6, 2002

BRECKENRIDGE – On April 6, 2002, Matt Wyffels was competing at Copper Mountain and broke his back.

After suffering a spinal cord injury, doctors told Wyffels he’d never be able to use his legs again.

Wyffels resisted.