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Restless nature of human spinal cord, non-invasive imaging reveals

EPFL scientists have developed a non-invasive technique for unraveling the complex dynamics generated by spinal cord circuits to unprecedented detail, a first in functional...
Neurology - Spinal Cord Introduction

Neurology Videos by Armando Hasudungan

Neurology - Spinal Cord Introduction https://youtu.be/KnD16gwpCz8 Neurology - Nerve Damage and Regeneration https://youtu.be/OKr-9WJTHME Neurology - Autonomic Nervous System https://youtu.be/3a_aLsFvNWs View all the Neurology videos by Armando Hasudungan here!

Spinal Cord Syndromes: Paramedic Trauma

Detailed discussion of the spinal cord syndromes. https://youtu.be/A5itvOy5b_U


Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center. Find everything you need to learn more about your injury, locate a doctor or treatment center, or discover financial relief to support you through this difficult time.

German Scientists create lab-grown spinal cords

For the first time, researchers in Germany have been able to create spinal cords in a Petri dish. To be more precise, they didn’t...

Spinal Cord Lecture

http://youtu.be/nf0s_ZRijrI Spinal Cord Lecture by Samuel Hirt. Information about spinal cord anatomy, Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System.

Spinal Cord Basics

http://youtu.be/FjIrHI4Om9k Some people have no idea as to what the spinal cord does and why we even have one. Let's take some time to discuss...

Physio Spinal Cord

http://youtu.be/qL2l5t8wnTk High school Physiology class lecture on structure and function of the spinal cord.

Spinal Cord – External Anatomy – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

3D anatomy tutorial on the external anatomy of the spinal cord using the BioDigital Human. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXWsQrl1N7s Structures discussed in this video include: - vertebral column - intervertebral foramina -...

Spinal Cord injury therapies and medical situation in China

China will probably have 1 million people with spinal cord injury in 2020 (80,000 per year). One third of the spinal cord injury people...