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Steep climb still no problem for Rick Hansen

Published: May 19, 2012

25 years on, Man in Motion conquers Coquitlam’s Thermal Drive, again

The steepest hill on Rick Hansen’s 25th-anniversary relay tour was lined with thousands of onlookers as Hansen and his team of “difference makers” climbed the monstrous Thermal Drive that stretches from Port Moody into Coquitlam on Friday.

Spinal-cord injuries: The uphill push for a cure

Published: May 16, 2012

Rick Hansen says we’ll see a breakthrough in spinal cord injuries within 25 years, but it will be hard work — spurred on by innovations such as the Spinal Cord Registry

Twenty-five years ago, Rick Hansen’s Man in Motion team looked up Thermal Drive in Coquitlam and realized they’d made a mistake.

It was almost the end of Hansen’s epic round-the-world journey — within days of his finishing in Vancouver — and they had blithely drawn his route up a hill that from the bottom now seemed too steep, too tough, given the two gruelling years and two months Hansen had already put in.