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‘Eliminate paralysis:’ Former Seahawk Lockette promotes spinal cord research in Olympia

Published: March 22, 2017

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A fierce hit during a 2015 game against the Dallas Cowboys knocked Seahawk Ricardo Lockette out of his football career, but helped him into becoming a top ambassador for spinal cord research.

UW center receives $16M to develop technology that helps paralyzed patients move again

Published: December 29, 2015

csne-researchersImagine a future when people who have been paralyzed can move their arms and legs again.

Researchers at the University of Washington aren’t just imagining that day. With a new $16 million grant, they’re developing technology that could reanimate paralyzed limbs in the not too distant future.

The Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering, a UW-led effort that includes researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, San Diego State University and other partners, is developing implantable devices that can send signals between regions of the brain or nervous system that have been disconnected due to injury.

WA Paralympian Nigel Barley wheels way to success

Published: February 10, 2012

IF you’re on one of Perth’s cycle paths and a low-lying three-wheeled bike whizzes past you, chances are it’s being ridden by WA Paralympian Nigel Barley.

With the London Games fast approaching, the Parkerville resident is ramping up his training as he prepares for the toughest sporting battle of his life – the gruelling 64.5km cycle road race event.

And the man ranked fifth in the world is every chance to bring home a medal among a wide-open field of competitors from around the globe.

A London triumph would complete a remarkable story for the 37-year-old.

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