Sunday, September 26, 2021


Spinal Cord Injury Videos

Waiting For A Cure

PSA featuring former college hockey player and advocate for spinal cord injury research Travis Roy.

Scuba Steve & His Truck

"Scuba" Steve who's a quadriplegic getting into his truck outside of his body shop.

Spinal Cord Injury – Embryonic Stem Cells – Dr. Kierstead

Spinal Cord Injury - Embryonic Stem Cells - Dr. Hans Kierstead

Spinal Cord Injury Persons Go Scuba Diving

Spinal cord injury persons enjoy scuba diving.

Terry Using Environmental Control

Terry uses an Environmental Control system to control equipment in his home to enable him to be as independent as possible.

N0M4D Fox Interview (Xbox 360 gamer)

Nomad was born with a rare muscle and joint disorder called Arthrogryposis that has confined him to a wheelchair and left him without the use of his arms or legs.

Wheelchair Travel Tips -Boarding a Plane & Renting a Car

Great travel tips from Mark, a paraplegic and experienced wheelchair user…

Wheelchair Basketball

Part of a great game in Vegas

Amber's Journey

This is a short picture story of Amber before the accident and after the motorcycle accident which occurred on 11/5/05.

freeSpeech- Annette Ross

Seven years ago, Annette Ross suffered a spinal cord injury while giving birth.