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Monthly Archives: September 2003

Monster Garage: Mercedes/Handicap Car

Published: September 30, 2003

28_3_hzoomEpisode 28: Mercedes/Handicap Car

This time, Jesse wanted to make the ultimate handicap-accessible vehicle. And what Jesse wants, Jesse gets.

Get details on the Mercedes/Handicap Car below. Then, for more behind-the-scenes scoop, see our interview with race-car driver Ray Paprota, the first Paraplegic driver to compete in a NASCAR touring series.

Cranberry Therapy of Urinary Tract Infections

Published: September 17, 2003

Despite a dramatic decline in mortality due to urinary tract infections (UTI) in the last 20 years, UTI’s remain very common in people with spinal cord injury (SCI) and particularly those with indwelling catheters (Biering-Sorenson, et al., 2001) and older individuals (High, 2001). Use of prophylactic antibiotics, particularly for asymptomatic cases of bacteriuria is controversial and discouraged. Thus, many people have been searching for alternative approaches. Cranberry juice has long been reported to prevent Urinary Tract Infection (Papas, et al., 1966; Kahn, et al. 1967). Much folklore and science support the use of cranberries to prevent urinary tract infections. As many as 40% of people with SCI take cranberry concentrates daily to prevent UTI’s. Are there any bases for this practice?

Caring from a Caregiver

Published: September 15, 2003

Caregiving will teach you many lessons. One of the most important lessons you learn, is to live your own life more fully. Caregivers face special problems and issues. Caring for another individual is an intimate and personal experience. People who find themselves in the role of caregiver must understand one important reality: You simply can’t do it alone! You cannot possibly do this job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! You cannot be a good caregiver if you can’t take care of yourself. You need to know that you can be happy in your role as a caregiver, but not if you always let the illness or Disability of others overshadow your own needs.

A Cost Analysis of Spinal Cord Injury Research

Published: September 15, 2003

Many people are raising funds for spinal cord injury (SCI) research but do not have a clear idea of what the funds are paying for. In the article, I will explain research grants and the cost of SCI research, the funding situation in the field, how to improve the quality and rate of research, and what we are doing at Rutgers University to encourage collaboration.

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Therapy

Published: September 15, 2003

Recent press reports have claimed that hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) therapy may be beneficial for acute and even chronic spinal cord injury. HBO therapy involves placing a person inside a chamber that has been pressurized with an enriched oxygen atmosphere. What does HBO do? What are the benefits and drawbacks of HBO? Should people with spinal cord injury be trying HBO? In this article, I will attempt to answer these frequently asked questions.


Published: September 15, 2003

1. Choose to take charge of your life. Don’t let your loved one’s illness or Disability always take center stage.

We fall into caregiving often because of an unexpected event, but somewhere along the line you need to step back and consciously say, “I choose to take on this caregiving role.” It goes a long way toward eliminating the feeling of being a victim.

Preventing Spinal Cord Injury

Published: September 15, 2003

As part of its ongoing prevention efforts, the FSCIPCC has proposed a “Wipe-out Spinal Cord Injury” program with a goal of reducing spinal cord injuries by 10% annually. The program includes these elements:

– educational programs for elementary and    secondary school students,
– nationwide mandatory spinal cord injury reporting    programs,
– public service announcements on TV and radio   and in magazines,
– billboard public service announcements,
– informational brochures and flyers, such as “Diving    is Deadly”
– prevention messages on pizza box tops,
– messages on grocery store bags, and
– placements at fast food restaurants with SCI    prevention messages.

What You Should Know About Trampolines

Published: September 15, 2003

Using a trampoline is promoted as fun. But the growing popularity of trampolines among 8-year-olds to adults is resulting in a dramatic increase in serious injuries – including broken necks, spinal cord injuries, and disabling head traumas, many of which result in permanent paralysis as well as death. In addition, trampolines are responsible for many less serious injuries such as broken bones, including legs, arms, and other parts of the body, as well as different types of dislocations and muscle damage.

Financing The Future

Published: September 14, 2003

Managing Disability Related Expenses

Along with the emotional and physical challenges that lie ahead, your finances will be an ongoing concern. The cost of health care and other disability-related expenses is extremely high, and you will need to have a clear plan for managing your personal finances.

Settlement Considerations

Many people who receive large settlements are faced with the choice of whether to take their awards in the form of a lump sum or a structured settlement over a period of time. This is an important decision that can have a substantial effect on you and your families long-term financial well-being.

Liability And Your Rights

Published: September 14, 2003

What is Liability?

Liability means responsibility under the law. If a person or company is responsible, or partially responsible, for someone else’s injury, they can be held liable by a court of law.

Under the American civil court system, people have the right to pursue litigation, and to be compensated for negligence, wrongdoing or bad faith. People also have the responsibility to pursue litigation when it can bring about changes that will benefit society.