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Preventing Spinal Cord Injury

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As part of its ongoing prevention efforts, the FSCIPCC has proposed a “Wipe-out Spinal Cord Injury” program with a goal of reducing spinal cord injuries by 10% annually. The program includes these elements:

– educational programs for elementary and    secondary school students,
– nationwide mandatory spinal cord injury reporting    programs,
– public service announcements on TV and radio   and in magazines,
– billboard public service announcements,
– informational brochures and flyers, such as “Diving    is Deadly”
– prevention messages on pizza box tops,
– messages on grocery store bags, and
– placements at fast food restaurants with SCI    prevention messages.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) also has its own prevention programs, but their effectiveness depends access to current spinal cord injury information. Consequently, people who have sustained serious spinal cord injuries are asked to contact the CPSC and provide detailed information about their accidents.This information will be used to develop nationwide prevention and product safety programs.

To report an injury or death involving consumer products, you can complete our Consumer Product Injury Report and we will forward the data to the CPSC. You also can visit the CPSC website at and click on the “Report usafe products” button or you can call or write the:

The Consumer Products Safety Commission
NEISS Injury Clearinghouse
Washington, DC 20207

Many spinal cord injuries that occur each year could have been prevented. If you have been in a serious accident that resulted in spinal cord injury, you can take action to prevent others from being hurt. Equipment manufacturers and property owners are, or should be, aware of measures to prevent such serious injuries. However, many have not taken the steps required to promote safety devices or post warnings to prevent serious accidents from occurring. Often, the most effective preventative measures have resulted from litigation. Through responsible litigation, victims are forcing these parties to make the changes that prevent similar accidents and injuries. Legal action cannot reverse the injuries sustained in an accident, but it can open doors to a better life and help prevent others from becoming future victims.

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