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Monthly Archives: July 2004

Orinda native starts for U.S. Paralympic team

Published: July 31, 2004

In the few spare moments she’s had this summer, Jennifer Howitt has managed to check out some of ESPN’s “sports” offerings.

“A few weeks ago, it was the National Spelling Bee,” she said, “and then there was this hot-dog eating contest.”

Researchers want to read the minds of spinal cord injury patients

Published: July 31, 2004

Why researchers want to read the minds of spinal cord injury patients.

Imagine a wheelchair with robotic arms that move on command by reading the paralyzed occupant’s mind, some say why the idea is not so far fetched.

Democrats, Republicans on stem cell research

Published: July 29, 2004

Democrats and Republicans view the stem cell debate very differently.

Earlier this week, Ron Reagan, son of the late president, addressed the Democratic National Convention on stem cell research.

How gender affects living with traumatic spinal cord injuries

Published: July 28, 2004

Although men and women who have suffered traumatic spinal cord injuries (SCIs) report comparable levels of psychological well-being, recent studies have found that older female SCI survivors experience aging differently from their male counterparts.

For example, older women with SCI have higher incidences of pain, Depression, and suicide than men, and are less likely to hold a job and have access to preventive healthcare.

Spinal Cord Treatment Breakthrough at UR

Published: July 28, 2004

Evan Dawson (Rochester, NY) 07/.29/04 – The potential now exists of a drug that could prevent paralysis–even after a major spinal cord injury.

On the scale of medical breakthroughs–the relevant discovery made by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center–could the most important in years.

Paralympic athletes shooting for awareness

Published: July 27, 2004

Don’t pity the women on the USA Wheelchair Basketball team.

That’s the message from South University’s Mary Vacala, appointed to the medical staff for the Paralympic Games in Greece this September.

The Paralympic Games is a parallel competition for athletes with disabilities and takes place about two weeks after the Olympics.

Reeve to speak at FirstEnergy Park

Published: July 21, 2004

LAKEWOOD — The Lakewood BlueClaws and Eric Taylor’s Empower-ment Group have announced that actor Christopher Reeve will headline Empower New Jersey 2004, “A Night of Inspiration,” Sept. 29 at FirstEnergy Park sponsored by Diane Turton, Realtors.

Business and community members will gather for a night of networking followed by special guest speaker, Reeve, and others who will share their triumphs over adversity.

Non-embryonic stem cells: Healing for broken bodies

Published: July 21, 2004

WASHINGTON (BP)–Susan Fajt and Laura Dominguez have experienced the miraculously restorative power of stem cells, and no embryos had to be destroyed for them to benefit.

Fajt and Dominguez, who were told they would never walk again after debilitating automobile accidents, are beginning to do just that after undergoing transplant surgery using their own stem cells.

Patients do physical, occupational therapy at Spring Valley

Published: July 20, 2004

LIMERICK – Phoenixville Hospital recently partnered with the new Spring Valley branch of the Phoenixville YMCA to provide patient Rehabilitation in a non-hospital-like setting.

“We wanted to be more involved in our community,” said Holly Buchanan, director of rehabilitation at Phoenixville Hospital. “The YMCA exposes our patients to wellness Environment rather than a medical office-type building.”

AGY Therapeutics Phase 2 Clinical Development

Published: July 19, 2004

Deal Validates AGY’s Technology Platform, Which Enabled Discovery of Novel Target for Functional Recovery After Stroke

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. and KOBE, Japan, July 20 /PRNewswire/ — AGY Therapeutics Inc., a privately held Biotechnology company, and M’s Science Corporation, a privately held drug discovery and development company, announced today that AGY has obtained from M’s Science the exclusive rights to develop and commercialize