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Patients do physical, occupational therapy at Spring Valley

LIMERICK – Phoenixville Hospital recently partnered with the new Spring Valley branch of the Phoenixville YMCA to provide patient Rehabilitation in a non-hospital-like setting.

“We wanted to be more involved in our community,” said Holly Buchanan, director of rehabilitation at Phoenixville Hospital. “The YMCA exposes our patients to wellness Environment rather than a medical office-type building.”

Those seeking occupational and Physical Therapy will have access to more options including 4,000 square feet of hospital-controlled space for wellness equipment such as conditioning equipment and free weights.

In addition, patients now have access to all of the equipment and the facilities of the YMCA, including basketball courts, an indoor track and several pools, both indoor and outdoor, including one that allows access by walking down a gradual slope that may be used for hospital rehabilitation.

“There are patients who respond to aquatic therapy better than traditional therapy,” said Buchanan. Those with arthritis, spinal cord injury, fiber mialga and patients who can’t comfortably exercise their legs, all might benefit from pool workouts through the rehabilitation department.

The facility recently moved from Phoenixville Hospital’s Limerick location. Currently, 75 to 100 patients per week or about 325 patients per month are seen at the new YMCA site.

Buchanan said that every prospective patient is first evaluated by a physical or Occupational Therapist. Based on that evaluation, an individualized treatment plan is designed for each patient before any of the YMCA facilities are used.

Buchanan said that occupational and physical therapy is usually covered by most health insurance providers.

“Our goal for occupational and physical therapy is to get the patient to a point where they can continue an exercise routine on an ongoing basis,” she said.

“Our patients and staff have been impressed by this facility and excited by the new opportunities,” said the director of rehabilitation.

Phoenixville Hospital employees at the 19 Linfield-Trappe Road site may be contacted at 484-984-2030.


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