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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Quadraplegic biking from coast-to-coast

Brenham has seen its share of cross-country travelers on a mission to raise public awareness for a certain cause. Few, however, have had not only...

Spinal Cord Injury: Progress and Promise in Stem Cell Research University of California Television (UCTV) Series: "California Institute for Regenerative Medicine"

Milnrow man lands star role in TV soap

Gutsy Andy Walker has battled to live life to the full since he was paralysed from the neck down in a freak accident five...


Skydiving seems like the last thing a person with a spinal cord injury should be doing, but we love to see people who defy expectations.

Tommy Hollenstein

Tommy Hollenstein is an artist with a spinal cord injury, but unlike others in his situation, he rejected the usual method of mouthpainting.

Denial of customized power wheelchairs sparks federal lawsuit

The Texas Commission on Health and Human Services' denial of customized power wheelchairs has sparked a lawsuit in federal court. Plaintiffs Bradley Koenning, 23, Brian...

Riding a bike with her hands

Canadian Morgan Van Breda is cycling from Delhi to Kanyakumari to raise awareness about spinal cord injury, and funds for her own treatment Thirty two...

Study shows benefits of electrical stimulation therapy for people paralyzed by spinal cord injury

A new treatment approach which uses tiny bursts of electricity to reawaken paralyzed muscles "significantly" reduced disability and improved grasping in people with incomplete...

BrainDriver – a mind controlled car

Brain controlled driving of real cars

Amazing hypothermia protocol cures gymnast’s spinal cord injury

A relatively new treatment protocol is providing nearly miraculous results for some victims of spinal cord injuries, reports the Miami Herald. In the case...