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Yearly Archives: 2011


180 Medical is one of America's fastest growing "Nationally Accredited" providers of sterile use catheters, urologic and disposable medical supplies. We are dedicated...

Rollin’ Wear

Rollin’ Wear Inc. makes and sells adaptive clothing that gives its customers the opportunity to express their personal style while wearing clothing that allows...

Disabled Hunters Gather in Nelson County

"You do what you want to do regardless. If you don't know how to do it, then you go find a way to do it,"

CPA Ontario TV – Episode 1

CPA Ontario TV – The first episode of the Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario webshow entitled, CPA Ontario TV.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Not Dead Yet Despite Geron Pullout

Recent news that Geron has abruptly pulled out of the embryonic stem cell (ESC) business, after having just begun the only human clinical trials...

Scuba Diving for Persons with Disabilities

Introduction to Adaptive Scuba Clinic for persons with disabilities

Possible Pain Relief Breakthrough for Spinal Cord Injuries

Researchers have found a possible breakthrough for spinal cord injuries with a find that a one-time injection of a protein into the cord immediately...

Artists ‘Rise Up’ above their disabilities at Jersey City exhibit

David McCauley can barely move his right hand and can't move the fingers on his left. But the Jersey City resident is moving crowds...

Ekso Bionics at TEDMED 2011

Eythor Bender’s Ekso Bionics makes powered, wearable robots known as “exoskeletons”

Where Does Geron’s Exit from Embryonic Stem Cells Leave the Field?

Given that the firm with the most money has just quit, questions about how to succeed are rampant. Geron, a pioneer in stem cell research...