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Wheelchair basketball raises awareness of disabilities

Published: December 14, 2011

Sports-loving teens show how it’s done

CORONADO — Two Coronado teenagers who have forms of cerebral palsy used their skills at wheelchair basketball in a recent three-on-three tournament that also involved able-bodied athletes in an effort to raise awareness of disabilities.

Local woman pursues dream despite spinal-cord injury

Published: December 14, 2011 | Spinal Cord Injury: , ,

PLATTSBURGH — Michaela Bushey may not have command over the movement of her legs, but the 21-year-old still manages to take command of nearly 115 high-school students.

From her wheelchair, Bushey conducted Plattsburgh High School’s mixed chorus in a rendition of Rollo Dilworth’s “Take Me to the Water” during their Winter Concert Monday night.

Stem cell trial halted, but 23-year-old recipient still has hope

Published: December 13, 2011

Paralyzed from the torso down, Katie Sharify heads home from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center on Wednesday, daring to hope that the 2 million stem cells creeping up her damaged spine will help her walk again.

The 23-year-old from Pleasanton is one of only five spinal cord patients in the country who received an experimental dose of stem cells the late “Superman” actor Christopher Reeve could only dream about. She may also be the last.

Award would be big win for Gridiron Heroes

Published: December 10, 2011

Spinal cord injury group’s founder is up for national honor.

Eddie Canales will learn Sunday night whether his eight-year-old Gridiron Heroes spinal cord injury organization will win a national award and a $250,000 grant.

Canales, a Schertz resident, has been chosen as one of 10 finalists to be named CNN’s “Hero of the Year,” an honor given to individuals who make a difference in the lives of others.

The winner will be announced during “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute,” which will take place in Los Angeles.

The Freedom Chair

Published: December 8, 2011

Our lives can change in a moment, and how we deal with those changes makes us who we are. For Josh Dueck, subject and star of The Freedom Chair, life took a sudden turn for the worse when he seriously injured himself during a ski crash.

You know things are going to get emotional the moment the film starts. Soft, almost mournful, music plays as Dueck tells us about the fateful day. We quickly learn this film isn’t going to sugarcoat the reality of Dueck’s situation. It doesn’t shy from Dueck’s feelings, including feelings of guilt for putting himself and his family through the ordeal.

Top-grade stem cells boosting research trials

Published: December 7, 2011

British scientists have made the first human embryonic stem cells of a high enough grade to use in patients and deposited them in a public stem cell bank for development in human trials by drug companies and researchers by 2014.

A team from King’s College London said on Monday they were submitting two clinicalgrade stem cell lines to the UK Stem Cell Bank (UKSBC), which will test and validate them before offering them to researchers.

“The World I Come From”

Published: December 7, 2011

An extraordinary college essay written by Gabrielle Schneiderman about the day of her brother’s car accident and the emotional response their family had to it.

One could not avoid the playful yellow words hanging encouragingly on the classroom wall even if he or she tried. They reminded me that “today is a great day to learn something new.” Routinely, my math teacher wrote her notes in multiple colors, supposedly helpful in stimulating our desire to learn. Beneath my notebook, which was so stark white it appeared to crave my pen’s ink, was my tenth grade Algebra 2 textbook, carefully written to prepare me for any problem I would face on the final exam. Everything was in its proper place, just awaiting its signal to help me succeed.

Spinal Cord Injury Survivors: You May be Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits

Published: December 6, 2011

Spinal cord injuries change lives forever. If you or someone you love suffer from paralysis, quadriplegia, a spinal disorder, or another type of spinal cord injury, you know it can compromise your independence, as well as your financial health.

Medical expenses from hospital stays, long-term rehabilitation, and devices to adapt to living at home add up quickly. If you can’t work due to your injury, it may seem impossible to make ends meet.

There is an option. You may be eligible for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits.

Paralyzing Moments: A New Reality of Life

Published: December 6, 2011

In his own words, “I’m so very thankful for the opportunities that have been placed in front of me to help others that are less fortunate yet are in the same boat as myself.

The Injury Co-Op: Smoothing Bumps on Road to Recovery

Published: December 5, 2011

On June 17, 2000 Dana Guest’s life was forever changed when she was involved in a car accident and sustained a traumatic spinal cord injury. The then 17 year old was rendered a quadriplegic and the challenges of life after a catastrophic injury became her reality.

Soon after the injury, Guest and her family realized how difficult it was to have all of their questions answered. Medical providers didn’t want to give false hope, case workers were overloaded and government resources were scarce.

“Sadly, we aren’t the only ones who have been through this. Throughout this eleven year journey, I have met many families who face the same issues,” said Guest.