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Monthly Archives: March 2012

LeGrand expresses hope in research

Eric LeGrand took the stage Wednesday in front of an audience of 70 people at the Busch Campus Center to present his outlook for the future, reflecting the event’s theme of “Don’t Stop Believing.” Dr....

Christopher Hills – Video Editor With Cerebral Palsy

Meet Christopher Hills - a young boy who uses Apple products to edit videos.

The AbleGamers Foundation – Helping Disabled Gamers Everyday!

AbleGamers – Video Game News, Reviews for the Disabled Gamer

Helping Hands: Capuchin Monkeys Help Immobilized Individuals

You’ve heard of guide dogs and therapy horses, but have you heard of monkey helpers? “I didn’t have much of a life before Sophie,” says wheelchair-bound Judy. Sophie is a capuchin monkey trained at Helping...

Robotic support brings freedom to paraplegics – Tek RMD

Tek RMD is not an alternative to wheelchairs, it is a totally new concept, a new platform.

Promising new therapy could ‘cure’ paralyzed patients

Dr. W. Dalton Dietrich, scientific director of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, was in Washington this week seeking U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to start a clinical safety trial of a remarkable...

Cameron picks self up after paralyzing accident

When blades scrape across a pristine sheet of ice in the women's Frozen Four this weekend, it will be the realization of many players' dreams. But for one former hockey All-American, it's a reminder...

Research suggests new therapeutic approach for spinal cord injury

A new study suggests that administering FTY720, an oral drug that has shown promise in trials for human multiple sclerosis, significantly improves locomotor recovery in mice with spinal cord injury (SCI). The research suggests...

Man Builds Healing Harp from Stand-Up Wheelchair

Using a stand-up wheelchair that allowed him to build, calibrate, and tune at the highest places of this tall symphonic instrument, George Flores created a one-of-a-kind 47-string harp called The Healing Harp. “I thought about...

Smart-e-Pants’ electric underwear prevents bed sores

Electric underwear to prevent bedsores.