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Monthly Archives: January 2014

New Yorkers to Cure Paralysis

Published: January 13, 2014

New Yorkers to Cure Paralysis is a broad coalition of doctors, medical researchers, health care advocates and patients working to reestablish the New York Spinal Cord Injury Research Program (SCIRP).

Spinal Cord Injuries in Young People

Published: January 10, 2014

Dr. Paul SmolenSpinal cord injuries often involve young people but few teens and college students understand the potentially life threatening risks that come with playing many popular sports. Unfortunately, with their youth often comes a feeling of invulnerability, and the belief that they are impervious to injury. It’s all part of being young, but all it only takes is one fall, or one bad tackle to turn a cheerleading stunt or football game into a literal nightmare. Spinal cord injury awareness is often overlooked during training, possibly because concussions and other more common injuries take the forefront.

Lifesavers Cut Spinal Injuries

Published: January 7, 2014

Lifesavers cut spinal injuriesSurf lifesavers targeting swimmers who put themselves in harm’s way have dramatically cut the number of people getting suspected spinal injuries in the past two years.

There have only been 12 suspected spinal cord injuries at WA beaches since this surf lifesaving season began on May 1, according to Surf Life Saving WA.

There have been nine suspected spinal injuries at Mullaloo, Trigg and Floreat beaches – three each – and two at Cottesloe.

Kelly Brush Foundation Awards Grants for Adaptive Sports Gear and Ski Racing Safety

Published: January 6, 2014

Kelly Brush FoundationThe Kelly Brush Foundation has awarded more than $135,000 in grants to both better the quality of life for those with spinal cord injury (SCI) and improve ski racing safety, foundation president Charlie Brush announced. Grants were awarded to individuals for adaptive sports gear and participation and to ski racing clubs and organizations for safety equipment.

The total amount granted, $135,853, represents the most support, in funds and number of grants awarded, since the foundation’s inception eight years ago.

Kinova USA

Published: January 3, 2014

The Kinova USA Mission Mobility is the most basic of human needs, and an essential component of every human right. Kinova USA is committed to enabling those who live with disabilities with products and services that allow us to dramatically improve their quality of life while simultaneously reducing the systemic costs associated with their care.

Kinova USA is out to change the very meaning of life for hundreds of thousands of severely disabled Americans by giving them the ability to do for themselves average daily living (ADL) activities for which they currently depend on others.

SureHands Lift and Care Systems

Published: January 2, 2014

The right solution for every user

At Handi-Move, our primary concern is the user’s quality of life. In our view, our mission is to develop, produce and distribute innovative and reliable lifting and care equipment with the principal focus on the interests of the user.