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SpinalMap-eBookSpinalMap: An Essential Read for Partners, Friends, Colleagues and Care Givers of SCI patients.

The recently released ebook, SpinalMap, has been described by a rehabprofessional as an “essential read” for both recently injuredpeople as well as family, friends and associates of people who havesuffered spinal cord injury.

For close friends and relatives, SpinalMap provides insight andinformation that will help them better understand what the patient isgoing through and what to expect once the patient comes out of rehab.

In broader terms, SpinalMap is an essential aid to the socialreintegration of the SCI patient. For the most part, people havescant knowledge of what an SCI patient has been through. Because ofthis, their reaction is often one of pity and awkwardness which leadsto embarrassment and misunderstanding.

Communications break down right at the outset and are difficult to mend.

SpinalMap bridges this gap. It is sensitively written and to thepoint. It deals frankly with the issues surrounding spinal cordinjury; it informs and enlightens without becoming overly technical orcomplicated. It seeks to engender empathy through understanding.

SpinalMap is a valuable tool for personal reference and for promotingawareness in the workplace, particularly where employees deal withmembers of the public.

The book is available from Smashwords (
Amazon ( Apple, Barnes and Noble and other ebook stores.

Rob Hope is a writer and television director. After filming adocumentary for an accessible adventure touring company, he realisedthat communication between people who had suffered spinal cord injuryand society at large is a fraught area. Spinalmap is written forpeople who wish to understand and empathise with those who are livingwith the effects of SCI.

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