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Halloween Costumes for Wheelchair Users

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wheelchair-halloween-costume-batmobileIf you’re a person who uses a wheelchair, it can be a challenge trying to decide what costume to wear for an upcoming Halloween party. But, if you spend some time online, you’ll find plenty of Halloween costumes that you can make yourself without spending a lot of money. Whether the costume is for an adult or a child in a wheelchair, there are a lot of creative suggestions to be considered. Here are some ideas for costumes that involve a wheelchair. In addition, here are several websites with costume suggestions including the materials needed and the steps to follow to successfully create a look that will make you the talk of the party.

wheelchair-halloween-costume-dr-whoIf you know a child in a wheelchair who loves superheroes, then your costume search has reached a swift success. The flying Superman or Superwoman costume featured at, Simple Steps to a Superhero Costume, requires just a few materials for assembly. You’ll need a large cardboard box, cotton batting, a ball of string, and some non-toxic paint. Also, collect a pair of scissors, two pieces of flexible wire, and a glue gun for the actual construction. The first step is to find a Superman or Superwoman costume and cut it in half across the waistline. Take the batting and pack it tightly inside the legs of the costume. Next, position a piece of wire inside each leg of the costume in order to make them bend. The large box that you use must safely fit over the wheels of the child’s chair and still be small enough to maneuver through a doorway. If needed, you can cut up some old boxes and use the various pieces to custom fit a box for the child’s particular wheelchair. Use the glue gun to secure together the sides of the newly constructed box. Go on to fasten the box to the chair by cutting two slits in its sides in order to secure string loops over the arm rests or around the frame. Please be sure that the box can always be removed quickly. Next, paint clouds and sky on the outside of the box. Finally, secure both stuffed legs through two holes cut in the back of the box. In just a short time you’ve created a flying superhero.

wheelchair-halloween-costume-tankThe next costume is for a person in a wheelchair who is interested in looking like royalty. Travel to, Halloween Costume Ideas for People in Wheelchairs, and you’ll find that the king or queen costume is one that takes very little time to make. You’ll need shiny gold and silver paper, fake colorful jewels, a velvet cloak, a flashy crown, and scepter to match. Simply, wrap the backrest and arms of the wheelchair in the silver and gold paper. Then, bejewel the sides of the chair. Throw the cloak over your shoulders, place the crown on your head, and begin issuing orders to your loyal subjects. If you’re interested in turning into another sort of character such as Fred Flintstone or a gigantic pumpkin, visit the above website for the specific instructions.

For the third costume suggestion visit the, Train Costume Creation. In order to create the caboose costume you will need paint, paintbrushes, clear packing tape, cardboard boxes, a pair of train conductor overalls, shirt, and cap. First, cut up the boxes and assemble the loose pieces so they will be a custom fit around the wheelchair. Next, secure the sides with clear packing tape. Take some time to paint the box to look like a train engine. To finish, dress up your engineer and head for the party.

You can find lots of great ideas for Halloween Wheelchair Costumes online. Here are a few favorites…

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  1. All these costumes are sooo cute; but I have no talent, my poor son will never get something super cool like these. I feel so bad every year when I see all these great ideas and awsome parents with so much talent!!!!! great job!!!!

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