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BOOK: “My Last Step Backward”

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My-Last-Step-BackwardCrowned Ms. Wheelchair USA 2012 and winner of the National Rehabilitation Champion award, Tasha Schuh continues to travel and share her story of resilience and triumph over her tragedy.

“My Last Step Backward” is Schuh’s first book about her erudite journey as a quadriplegic, beginning with her pre-accident years as an adolescent to the details of the accident, her near-death experience following surgery and her life during and after recovery.

“It traces my journey from the depths of despair to my realization that life goes on and it is what you make of it,” Schuh said.

Schuh has taught herself not to settle, to set goals and to go after those goals regardless of the situation. Despite her condition she has found her identity and aspires to expound upon her experience to help others.

“There is so much negative and horrific news in the world, my book gives hope and inspiration, that despite a debilitating situation you can live a life you never dreamed,” Schuh said.

“My Last Step Backward”
By: Tasha Schuh
ISBN: 978-7-4624-0417-9
Retail price: $17.99
Available in softcover and e-book

About the author
Tasha Schuh works and resides in Ellsworth, Wisconsin, as an inspirational speaker. She is a proud Christian, devoted to her faith. Schuh attended and graduated from Winona State University, Minnesota and Maranatha College, Minnesota. Tasha was 16 years old when she had the accident. She fell through an open stage trap door, landed on concrete and broke her neck, crushing her spinal cord and fracturing her skull, never to walk again.

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