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‘Spinal cord injury patients need family support’

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CHANDIGARH: Little did Imran Khan know that his life will change forever after an adventure trip he undertook with his friends when he was in an engineering college in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra in 2004. He slipped and the next thing he knew was that he was on a hospital bed, unable to move.

“I fell down due to which I had a spinal cord injury and my nerves were ruptured and spinal cord was fractured,” says Imran, 32, who was 21-year-old at the time of his accident.

Imran was bed-ridden for about three months but he was determined to get up and start living his life again. For him, giving up was never an option. So, he went to CMS Vellore for rehabilitation.

“I could not do even little things on my own. I had to be dependent on my parents to take me to washroom, change my clothes, brush my teeth and other things. After I came back from the rehabilitation centre, I started doing things on my own and since one year of my college was wasted, I joined back my college and completed my studies,” says Imran, who is a freelance web developer and also drives his own car, which is customized.

Imran says people suffering from spinal cord injury need emotional and family support. In the absence of such support, it becomes difficult for people to move on in life.

Dildar Ahmed from a small village in south Kashmir met with an accident in 1996 and since then he is on a wheelchair. His spinal cord was injured in the accident. Dildar, 40, was a teenager when he met with the accident and was the sole breadwinner of the family as his father had died and he had to support his mother and younger brother. Dildar’s mother died a few years later and after that it was his brother taking care of him.

“I can’t tell my brother to sit beside me all day long because he is the only earning member of the family,” says Dildar adding that he feels that there is a dire need to have a paraplegic rehab centre in the north region so that patients from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir don’t have to suffer in the absence of good treatment for such medical condition.

There are many Imrans and Dildars in the northern region of the country particularly, where no rehabilitation centre exists. In order to generate awareness about the devastating condition of spinal cord injury, The Times of India in association with NGO Sai Asra will host a charity dinner programme, which is supported by Fenfuro and Ansals.

Extend a helping hand

You can support the work of Sai Asra, a paraplegic rehabilitation centre, by participating in a charity dinner. The programme is being organized by Sai Asra in association with The Times of India at Hotel Bella Vista in Panchkula on December 5 at 7.30pm. You can avail the dinner coupons for single entry at Rs 2,500 and couple entry for Rs 4,500. Funds raised from these coupons will support the work of Sai Asra. To collect coupons, call Capt Mohan Singh Judge at 9814014772 or you can collect them directly from Nature’s Hut No. 40, near Nik Bakers, Sector 9 D, inner market, Chandigarh.


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