Tuesday, April 20, 2021


| Source: dreamblvr.com

Bill Cosby has been able to have a successful television show based on the silly things kids say. Their imagination, lack of restraint and curiosity have brightened my day more than once…

As I was leaving a restaurant, I could see a young boy sandwiched in a booth with his parents staring me down. He stood up in the booth and pointed at me as he said, “Look Mom! A bicycle. How come he can ride inside?”

I stopped in the Adams Farm shopping center in Greensboro for some grocery items. While looking at the vegetables, I could feel something grab me from behind. It was a little oriental girl who had just gave me a hug and ran back to her mother.

One day I was wheeling out of the airport, and I passed a little kid and his mom. He has his arm in a cast. My girlfriend was behind me, and as they passed me the little kid says: “See Mom, that guy must have fallen out of a tree too!”

sent by: JP Nicholas – www.dreamblvr.com

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