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Conquer the Grand Canyon!

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The Grand Canyon speaks for itself. I have not been, but you better believe I’m going as soon as I get this whole, “Can we go see Mickey Mouse’s Club House” thing out of my son’s system.

The Foundation sent a team last fall (pictured here) and everyone one of them loved it. Some in chairs, some not. The group that we are working with — The Walking Connection — has adventures for all levels of abilities.

Hear what some folks from last year’s team have to say:

“At home, I don’t really have friends in wheelchairs. All of my friends are walkers so it’s really nice and special to meet people in chairs…I was so glad that I went, I got to see the sun rise and set at the Grand Canyon, which is an absolutely spectacular place. I got to see nature that I never saw before. I got to wheel for hours on miles of accessible trails in the fresh air and I got to get my heart racing and adrenaline going on the up hills and then pass all the walkers on the down hills- all this in the company of good friends. It was such a blast and I’m so happy I did it.” – Annie Hayes

“My father was a C-5 quadriplegic. When I was younger I had no idea how many other people were affected by paralysis, this is my way of honoring him.” – Amanda Egger

“I was really nervous about the hike. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I’m so glad I did it.” – Barry Woll

The idea is, you raise $4,000 for the Foundation, and you get a guided trip to the Grand Canyon. Plus, we’ll coach you through the workout routine you’ll need to be in shape for the hike.

Get all the details here, and watch the VIDEO!

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