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Spinal Cord Injury Solutions!

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My daily tracking journal on how to overcome paralysis

I never thought I’d be hit by a car while crossing the street on my way to school at sixteen years old! I never expected to live with a spinal cord injury every day for the rest of my life. I was paralyzed. It’s a miracle from the Lord I’m alive, and able to walk. I’m thirty-four, a professional, and fully independent. I’m walking everywhere with two forearm crutches, and practicing with one cane. I hope to one day walk with no walking device. I want others to see how I overcame disability. I hope to encourage adults and children facing this problem by sharing messages, comments, support. I’m an English as a Second Language teacher for a Global Language training company. I also teach classrooms at a Language center. I love what I do. I’m able to meet people from other countries, and learn from their experiences as well. This is my tracking journal, on how to overcome paralysis!


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