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Zina Hermez – My book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival has been...

Published: July 12, 2014 | Spinal Cord Injury: ,

Zina HermezWhat started out a dream has now become reality. I began writing Not Without God a couple of years ago, and I wrote sporadically in the beginning. As both of my parents battled serious illnesses I realized (yet again) how precious life is—and how our time is short. My book describes how I healed from near-fatal injuries as a result of an accident that left me paralyzed at sixteen. While crossing the street to get to my friend’s bus stop, I was hit by a car. It’s a miracle from the Lord that I’m alive and able to walk.

Zina Hermez – Wheelchair in the workplace?

Published: February 10, 2013 | Spinal Cord Injury: ,

Zina Hermez“Are you okay?” my student asked concerned.

“Sure, why wouldn’t I be?” I responded in a confused tone, but I knew why she asked.

“Oh, it’s just…because you’re sitting today,” she started to stutter as her voice got lower almost not claiming what she just said.

As I rolled my wheelchair to the front of the classroom under my desk I assured her, “Oh, yea, I brought my wheelchair today.

Zina Hermez – “A few quick tips on how I heal”

Published: September 25, 2012 | Spinal Cord Injury: ,

Zina HermezMy dad fell in church the other day. He said it happened as he was going down the steps. He felt a shooting pain in his back shortly before and there was nowhere to sit. As he walked down the step his leg gave out, he collapsed.  Other church members hurried over to catch him. He suffers from Sciatica and some arthritis. He turned 80 last July. Aging can bring about some of this. I think he’s becoming addicted to these cortisone shots. He’s had several and always seems to think that is the cure.  Once the medication wears off, the pain comes back. I was talking to him about the importance of exercise and moving around. I notice he doesn’t move around as much. Naturally, when we don’t move our body weakens.

I kept thinking, if it’s that hard for my dad to move without having paralysis. Imagine how much harder it is for the paralyzed? Well, I can imagine, because I have been.

Zina Hermez – “Disability is a condition, it’s not who we are. Diagnosis is...

Published: July 6, 2012 | Spinal Cord Injury: ,

Zina HermezDid something catastrophic ever happen to you? Where your life changed in an instant? Did you wake up in a hospital bed, not knowing where you were, or how much time passed? It happened to me. I never thought I would be hit by a car at sixteen years old, while crossing the street on my way to school. Nor did I think once I survived the accident, it would live with me every day for the rest of my life.

I was flown to the University of Michigan hospital, where I underwent 12 hours of emergency surgery. My injuries were so severe, doctors predicted I might not make it through the night. The first several days were critical. My spine was dislocated, and broken at the L1-L2 level. I had a fracture in my C1 vertebrae. A broken left femur, a broken right tib fib, and a broken left tib fib. I was paralyzed. I’m lucky it wasn’t worse! And that wasn’t even all of my injuries.

Spinal Cord Injury Solutions!

Published: July 5, 2012

My daily tracking journal on how to overcome paralysis

I never thought I’d be hit by a car while crossing the street on my way to school at sixteen years old! I never expected to live with a spinal cord injury every day for the rest of my life. I was paralyzed. It’s a miracle from the Lord I’m alive, and able to walk. I’m thirty-four, a professional, and fully independent. I’m walking everywhere with two forearm crutches, and practicing with one cane. I hope to one day walk with no walking device. I want others to see how I overcame disability. I hope to encourage adults and children facing this problem by sharing messages, comments, support.