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Drink-Aide is a cost-effective solution to many caregiver concerns too. It provides a number of practical benefits including:

* Frees caregiver to attend to other needs
* Users no longer have to wait for a caregiver to quench their thirst
* May reduce the frequency of hospitalization due to urinary tract infections caused by inadequate hydration

“I got the Drink-Aide about 6 months ago. I love it! It can hold a ton of water, & keep it cool. The Drink-Aide has a suction feature that pulls the water back into the bottle after drinking. My Drink-Aide works great on my chair or beside my bed. Highly Recommended!”
– Michael Feger, The Spinal Cord Injury Zone

“With Drink-Aide an individual has control over fluid intake. This is especially important to those individuals who are aware that good hydration is important for decreasing the potential for urinary tract infections.”
– Linda R., Inglis House Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

“I would get so thirsty at night; there was never a nurse around. I used to have nightmares about water and wake up to find there was no one to help me get a drink. Now that I have Drink-Aide I don’t have that dream anymore.”
-Mike, lives independently

“Once you use it and experience its benefits, there is no going back!”
-Darren, Physical Therapist at Philadelphia Nursing Home


There are numerous benefits to Drink- Aide and at a price of $39, Drink-Aide costs only pennies a day. Order yours now via website at or call 1-800-336-7022 or 215-581-0663, M-F between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

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