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Surviving Paralysis

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Surviving Paralysis
Surviving Paralysis

SurvivingParalysis.com facilitates the sharing of information between people with paralysis and other forms of disability, and in so doing, unite people like myself that were formerly islands.  At the end of last year, I turned my website into an online magazine, for which I do all the writing and all the work.  My goal is to further assist and aid those like myself trying to survive with a spinal cord injury.


  1. I have been with spinal cord injury, since 1979 January till today. am from nigeria. i believe it is an incomplete spinal injury, because by arund 1980 through the use of physiotherapy i was able to come back to normal functions like any other normal person. until 1995 when i started feeling weakness in my lower limbs. this weakness progresses till date, i used to drive my car myself, then i use cane or walking stick then bilateral crutches and now am wheelchair. simpling, because there is no proper treatment or because i don’t have the to means to seek for treatmen elsewhere. any sources for assistnce for people with SCI like me? my caes is recoverable, if i get the proper treatment.

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