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Renner Gives High Hopes to those with Disabilities

| Source: wltz.com

In the Dawson Building at Auburn University, Scott Renner can be found working long hours at the Center for Disability Research and Services. Scott’s focus over the years has been helping change the lives of others with disabilities. His life changed nearly two decades ago, when he suffered a C4 spinal cord injury in a diving accident.

“I remember the whole thing. It’s like when your body goes to sleep and you feel that tingling” Renner explained.

Over time, Scott’s developed a different perspective on life, and it stems from a message he now relays to his students.

“There were ten thousand things you could do before the injury, and there’s nine thousand things you can do now”

Scott’s had the chance to fulfill many of the dreams he had long before the accident. He’s active in water skiing, scuba diving, and one of his finer skills, fishing.

By Jeremy Babin

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