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Brave Claire launches charity autobiography

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Spinal Cord Injury:

Claire LomasClaire Lomas was joined by family and friends for a celebration to launch her autobiography.

In Finding My Feet, the 33-year-old charts the agony and ecstasy of the most extraordinary seven years of her life.

It tells of her journey from the accident which ended a promising riding career and left her paralysed in a wheelchair, to capturing the nation’s hearts by walking the London marathon in a robotic suit.

Claire also shares the joy her three-year-old daughter Maisie has brought her and husband Dan.

“It was a little celebration really,” said Claire, who invited 100 people to the launch at Eye Kettleby Lakes, run by Claire’s parents in her home village, near Melton,

She said: “Writing about my experiences has been pretty daunting but I’ve tried to be as honest as I can.

“I haven’t held back – I really opened up my heart.

“You never know how it will be received, so I’ve been a bit nervous.”

Feedback from the few pre-release copies, however, has allayed her fears.

“There have been some really nice comments. I’ve learnt so much from the experience.”

It took Claire 17 days to walk the marathon, raising £200,000 for spinal charities.

She followed it by cycling 400 miles around the country using a hand-powered bike, last year, raising a further £85,000 .

Finding My Feet is raising money for the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation.

For more on the book, visit: www.claireschallenge.co.uk

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