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Horizon: The Disability Proof All-Terrain Electric Bike

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Disabled or not, the Horizon trike is ready for your adventure. Adaptive to your physical ability, electric, all-terrain… AWESOME

We’re making big waves, but we’re still a small company so we need your help to bring the Horizon to production.

What is the Horizon?

Consider the Horizon the electric bike for your super-hero alter ego.

The Horizon started with a thirst for adventure and independence. We designed the Horizon to be adaptive for all sorts of different physical abilities. From quadriplegics to paraplegics to those with spinal cord injuries – everyone loves adventure and fun.


With a full 4 inches of suspension travel, independent A-arm front suspension, rear suspension and knobby tires this bad-boy is ready for action. We’ve designed the Horizon to be at home of nearly any surface. Pavement? Check. Grass? Check. Dirt? Check. Gravel? Check. Roots? Check. Mud? Check. Plus the Horizon is capable of tackling steep mountains, seriously long distances and speeds up to 25 mph. What are you waiting for? Get out there and explore already!


It’s totally up to you. The Horizon trike can be ridden in 3 different ways: Pedal Only, Electric Only, Combination of Pedal and Electric Assist.

The electric motor is stealthily in the rear wheel, but make no mistake – it is very powerful. Capable of starting from a dead stop, it can reach speeds of up to 25 mph. The electric assist is engaged by twisting the “throttle”. The more you twist it, the more assistance you get! Oh, I almost forgot; the Horizon can travel up to 30 miles purely on electric before needing a recharge.

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