PT Cruiser Conversions

Published: December 14, 2003  |  Source:

pt_driverUndeniable style meets amazing mobility and freedom with the PT Driver.

Go anywhere with the PT Driver – our easy access ramp limits your possibility of being blocked in.

Your PT Driver or Rider comes equipped with a removable seat, allowing your friends and family to use the vehicle when you aren’t.

The roomy and luxurious interior of the PT Driver gives you unparalleled comfort.

The FMI PT Cruiser conversions do little to alter the vehicle’s sleek and stylish exterior. In fact, an FMI PT is almost impossible to distinguish from the original vehicle – it’s easy to miss the marvel of modern engineering contained within. Ride in style with the PT Rider, increase your mobility options with the PT DOS, or even drive the dream itself with the PT Driver. The choice is yours.