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Supporters tout marijuana bill

Hartford-AP, Mar.1, 2004 Updated 5:37 PM ) _ Advocates of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes said today that legislation is gaining support.

State Representative James Abrams of Meriden says he believes there are enough votes to pass the bill this year in the House of Representatives. The bill was defeated last year in the House, but Abrams said the proposal has been gaining support each year.

He would not predict its chances in the state Senate.

The bill would allow doctors to provide a written certification that qualifies their patient to use marijuana only for medical purposes.

The patient or a caregiver would be allowed to grow up to five plants for personal use and use the doctor’s certificate as a legal defense for having the illegal substance.

Abrams says the bill is not an attempt to legalize marijuana for recreational use. He says it’s an attempt to keep sick people out of jail.

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