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Eddie – the dog paralyzed after being struck by two cars – is getting new wheels

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Spinal Cord Injury:

Eddie the dog is getting a spiffy new wheelchair.

Angela Parker, owner of the husky-German shepherd who was paralyzed in September after being struck by two cars, said a man contacted her after The Sun Times published a story about Eddie with an offer to donate a mobility cart.

The cart will fit three-year-old Eddie, she said, and is expected to be delivered this weekend.

“He told us he had gotten it for his German shepherd who’s 12 years old, but I think that his dog lays down too much and it just wasn’t working for him,” she said in an interview.

“It’s still in the box and new, so he said that he’s going to bring it to us this weekend and we can have it.

It’s very generous of him.”

She said the cart is the same one that she and her husband Sunil have been looking at for Eddie online.

Angela Parker said many other people have reached out to the couple since the story ran Dec. 11 with offers to donate money towards Eddie’s medical bills.

The amount raised via a GoFundMe page for Eddie has risen to $5,420.

“People have been so generous and so kind. It’s really surprised us and encouraged us in how many people in the community were connected with Eddie’s story,” she said.

Eddie walked in the Kemble & District Lions Club’s 17th annual non-motorized Christmas parade earlier this month with the help of a two-wheeled cart that is on loan from the University of Guelph. The cart isn’t an ideal fit for Eddie.

Eddie, a three-year-old husky/German shepherd who was paralyzed after being struck by two vehicles in Owen Sound earlier this year, uses a specialized cart to walk the route of the 17th annual Kemble & District Lion’s Club’s Non-Motorized Christmas Parade Sunday afternoon. Denis Langlois/The Owen Sound Sun Times/Post Media Network Denis Langlois / Denis Langlois/The Sun Times/Pos

Angela and Sunil adopted Eddie after Angela saw the dog get hit by two cars in Owen Sound while she was out walking her two dogs.

They rushed Eddie to their veterinarian’s office, which also worked on locating Eddie’s owners.

Parker said the owners, who had adopted Eddie from an animal shelter, were eventually found, but they refused to become involved in the dog’s veterinary care and surrendered him.

Angela and Sunil decided to stick by Eddie, taking him to the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph where it was confirmed that Eddie’s spine had been dislocated and broken. He underwent surgery to straighten his spinal cord and remove bone fragments.

But he will never walk again. Eddie is also incontinent, so his owners have to help him to go to the bathroom.

The couple has spent about $10,000 on veterinarian and other bills to help with Eddie’s care, which has also included rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Angela said they now plan to take Eddie to more events – and maybe on visits to local schools – in hopes of inspiring others to “give second chances to animals in need rather than assuming euthanasia is the only option.”

She said “Eddie is proof of how fulfilling a disabled pet can be so we want to bring him around to show people that.”

Sunil said the whole purpose of showing off Eddie to others is to demonstrate just how happy a loved pet can be even when it is disabled.

“It’s not an end-of-life decision every single time,” he said.

People can follow Eddie’s journey online by visiting the Eddie’s Second Chance Facebook page.

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