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LeRoy realtor recovering from accident, back at work

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LeROY – LeRoy residents wanting to buy or sell a home can once again turn to a local resident for help.

Mike Ready has returned to his career in real estate, 15 months after he was injured in an accident at a Bloomington home.

On Dec. 14, 2005, Ready went to the home to take care of some last-minute details before closing a sale. He was in the attic inspecting repairs and fell through the floor of the attic.

That fall broke several Vertebrae and severely bruised his spinal cord.

Ready spent nearly a month in intensive care at BroMenn Regional Medial Center, Normal, and later moved to the Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis. He returned to LeRoy after spending five months in St. Louis.

Since his return to LeRoy last year, Ready has continued therapy at an outpatient clinic.

Ready says he has regained some function and strength in his arms and he continues to get stronger. Doctors tell him that progress typically continues for one to three years after a spinal cord injury.

At first, Ready devoted all of his time and energy to his therapy. Now he says he is ready to return to the career he loves.

He has joined Char Huff’s team at Prudential Snyder Real Estate.

“I will do the talking, and Char will do the walking,” said Ready, adding that real estate is “90 percent listening and talking, and talking is one thing that comes natural to me.”

The talking part of the job won’t be a problem for Ready. He uses a hands-free phone with a headset, and he has a special glove that allows him to dial the phone.

Ready also has recruited his son, Thomas, to help. Thomas, who has a background in construction, drives his father to appointments, takes photos of the homes’ interiors, and inspects the inside of homes.

By Patti Welander

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