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Former Classmates Bring Smile To Paralyzed Teen

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lg1CAMDEN, N.J. A Camden County teen recovering from a devastating football injury got a big boost on Tuesday.

Shykem Lawrence suffered a spinal cord injury during a scrimmage in August and some former school mates brought a smile to his face.

Shykem had some special visitors on Tuesday; kids from his home town of Camden. Some included former classmates from Woodrow Wilson High.

All are youth leaders from the Camden Center for Youth Development.

They came to raise Shykem’s spirits but they also raised $750 on his behalf and presented him with the big check. The group also brought a giant Get Well card.

“Every month we will be coming back to keep him motivated and inspired,” said Youth Leader Facilitator Veronica L. Wynn.

Shykem was paralyzed from the neck down while playing for Wilson High.

The Youth Leaders from Camden hope they can contribute to Shykem’s emotional healing.

“We just really care about him because I know if I was in that position, I would want somebody to be there for me,” said Youth Leader Egypt Thompson.

“I actually went to school with him and I knew him before but he’s a very nice person and it’s very heartwarming that we gave back,” said Trenae Williams.

Shykem was overwhelmed by the gesture. “I thank everybody for your support and your help, thank you.”

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