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Banker injured in Spain moved to Atlanta for treatment

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(Charlotte, NC-AP) July 31, 2006 – A Charlotte, North Carolina, banker who suffered a severe spine injury during last month’s running of the bulls in Spain is being transferred to a special spinal center in Atlanta.

Ray Ducharme is to be taken to Atlanta’s Shepherd Center via helicopter Monday.

Ducharme had been treated at Charlotte’s Carolinas Medical Center since being transported home from Spain on July 17th.

Ducharme was injured while participating in a mock bullfight in which hundreds of people pulled the tails and ears of five cows that were chased into a bull ring.

One of the cows threw him, fracturing his spinal column. He had surgery to have two Vertebrae reattached.

The Shepherd Center specializes in treatment and Rehabilitation of people with spinal cord and brain injuries, as well as Multiple Sclerosis and other neuromuscular problems.

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