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Last fall we brought you the story of Neil Maberry. Maberry suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury after a mountain bike accident this past August. Reporter Brian Latham talked with Neil Mayberry about his will to walk again.

Only three weeks ago, this wasn’t possible, now with some assistance, Neil Maberry is up and exercising, going faster all the time.

Neil Maberry: “Better everyday, all the time really, stronger, able to do more things, helps keep me motivated to see steady progress.”

With the help of the harness he is retraining his muscles to walk again. On the treadmill, Maberry can walk on 40% of his weight; his personal record, 2 miles. His physical therapist Sharick Peck says he’s never seen anything like this.

Sharick Peck/Physical Therapist–

“I have never worked with a patient that has worked as hard, put as much effort as Neil has done. There are times when both of us get done with a 2 hour session, were both sweating, but were smiling because we have accomplished some things.”

And he’s not done yet, training each day come May. Maberry hopes to take some steps on his own, long term: to make a full recovery.

Neil Maberry: “I have faith that within three years from the date of my accident that I would be able to meet a stranger; I would appear normal, and that they would have no idea of the trauma and difficulty that I have been through.”

The Neil Maberry Auction and Dinner will be held this Thursday the 29th at 6:30 p.m. at the Red Lion Inn in Pocatello. Tickets are $30 dollars and may be purchased at the Pocatello Branch of the Bank of Idaho, The Greater Pocatello Chamber of Commerce or the Pocatello Red Lion.

The event will feature dinner, live entertainment and both silent and live auction.

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